Little Lad's Herbal Corn Philosophy .

Vitamin B-1 is necessary for the digestion of carbohydrates, starches and sugars. This formula: oxygen plus B-1, plus enzymes, results in carbohydrate combustion. This same formula without the B-1 makes Pyruvic acid. This acid builds up in the cells and is particularly irritating to brain cells. Pyruvic acid contributes to mental dullness, peevishness, and nervousness. We at Little Lad's know that a lot of people are eating white flour, white rice, white tofu, white pasta, and other vitamin deficient foods, so we thought we would make something whole grain to eat that is actually loaded up with extra nutrition, especially B vitamins. It seems like some people have become so simple as to not understand the complex, like complex carbohydrates. So to them avoiding whole wheat toast and a bowl of oatmeal is the same as avoiding a doughnut. Instead of trying to explain this complex issue to a vitamin deficient brain we just make food that even the most simple seem to enjoy. At Columbia University, two student groups were given capsules, one group was given B vitamins and the second group a placebo. In six weeks, the average grade of the first group was 27% better than the second group. In other words, they were getting better at handling the complex issues. So hopefully for them, as well as the rest of us, carbohydrates that are not stripped of their nutrition will no longer be "scary"!! This is so important to us that we spend as much or more on seasonings, as we do on the other ingredients, and still offer ours at competitive herbal corn prices. Try some Little Lad's Herbal Corn or any other Little Lad's product for that matter, or come to one of our restaurants. One meal is worth ten thousand words!! In the meantime, store owners have reported that if they run out of Little Lad's Herbal Corn, they have personally witnessed the peevishness, nervousness and maybe even some mental dullness that we talked about earlier.

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